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List of Contractions

I created this list of contractions by analyzing words from news articles and then supplementing the contractions list with some grammar research I did.

Consequently the list of english contractions contains some words that aren't, strictly speaking, contractions (ie 'twas), some very archaic text contractions and a few that ain't part of regular language conventions. You may want to trim the list down as a few contractions might not suit your purposes.

I also have a page on Stop Words lists for arrays and etc which might be more relevant for you.

If you use the list, please link back to this site or I will use my telepathic guilt transmitting abilities on you... just kidding... do what's convienent for you. Don't worry about me... I'll be fine.

In total I collected 67 words for the english contractions list. You can get it from the link below. The list comes in a comma separated format so it should be fairly easy to use the supplied information.

List of Contractions Download

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