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Random Number Generator

Use this random number generator to generate a random number in any number range you want. This random generator can create up to ten thousand randomized numbers at a time.

Random Tool Options

The default settings on this tool are to generate one number, anywhere from one to a hundred but the settings can be changed to reflect whatever number range you need. It can also generate multiple random numbers automatically if you need more than one randomized value.

The random results can appear on individual lines, or separated by commas, or spaces - whichever format option you prefer. These randomized number results can be quickly copied or downloaded as a text file.

Generate Random Numbers

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How to Generate a Random Number

Follow These Easy Steps to Generate a Random Number.

  1. Choose exactly how many random numbers you wish to generate.
  2. Enter the lower and upper limits of the number range you want. For example, 1 to 100.
  3. Click the Generate Random Number to get the desired random results.
  4. Choose the copy to clipboard option to copy the numbers for use elsewhere.

Random Number Generator Revisions

I've made some revisions to this number generator. The randomized results can now be easily copied to your clipboard or downloaded as a text file.

I also improved the overall results. The previous number-generating code was a little wonky in some circumstances but this one is pretty solid. However, it still can't help you win the lottery.

Javascript Randomness

For those interested, this random number generator uses Javascript to create the random numbers list and so this method is not quite perfect in terms of random integer distribution but it should be fairly good for most people. If you need something like this for scientific purposes then you need to use one of the random number generators that leverage an unpredictable element like atmospheric noise or similar to create the numbers.

For more very basic and practical javascript info, read this page about Javascript and Math.random. They cover some very common javascript examples for generating random numbers such as generating numbers between 1 to 10, etc.

Random Number Table

If you're looking to learn more about random number tables then set your eyes on this article on MathBitsNotebook. If there's enough demand then I'll create some random number tables for this page. Otherwise, I'm just calling it a day. ☺

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