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Uncompress HTML Code

People often remove line breaks from html source code to save on bandwidth costs and to serve pages up faster. Which is a great optimization practice but makes the resulting html very hard to read for us humans.

I've worked with a content management system that did this which was a problem for even the smallest of edits as the page was just a dense block of html code.

So if you work on a similar system or view source on a page you like and that website compresses its html code then this tool will make that html code readable.

It doesn't do any fancy indenting of code. It just inserts line breaks before some tags with an emphasis on important structural tags like the <div> tag.

Uncompress HTML Code (Make Readable)

Paste your html code in the box below and then click the button.

The new html will appear in the box at the bottom of the page.

New HTML with Line Breaks

Copy your new more readable html source code from the box below.


Language Versions

Uncompress HTML Code is also available in German (HTML-Code dekomprimieren), French (Décompresser un code HTML) and Spanish (Descomprimir el Código HTML).

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