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Random Letter Generator

Use the random letter general tool to automatically pick a single random letter or multiple random letters in a sequence.

Aside from the option to specify the number of random letters from the alphabet in a string, with this free online tool, you can also choose if these English letters are upper or lowercase. And if you need more options, you can also add numbers to your string of random characters.

Lastly with this letter randomiser, you can choose to generate more than one sequence of random letters from the alphabet. You can create multiple sequences and the randomly chosen sequences will each be displayed on their own separate line which can be easily copied and pasted.

Random English Letters



How Do You Use the Random Letter Generator?

This is a very easy tool to use to create a random sequence of characters from the alphabet. With it, you can generate a string of random letters that can be uppercase letters, lowercase letters or a combination of both. You can even throw numbers into the mix if you want.

It is set by default to generate 8 letters on a single line but that can be customized anywhere from one to a thousand.

If you want to generate a batch or randomized letters on separate lines then simply change the the line sequence number to the desired number of lines. For example, set it to ten and you’ll get a batch of ten lines of random characters that you can copy and paste to use anywhere.

How to Generate Random Letters in Excel

Currently, I don’t cover this subject so if you’re looking for the Excel formulas to do this then head on over to the ExcelChamps tutorial on the topic: Generate Random Numbers in Excel.

Another Random Tool to Check Out

If you like the Random Letter Generator, I have another online tool that you might like.

It's geared towards sparking ideas and creativity. If you need to name things or get creative sparks to work from then check out the Random Word Generator.

Other Online Random Generators

Here are some other free random generators that you can might want to check out.

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