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This online tool will add line breaks to any broken text you have. If you've ever had a bunch of scrunched up paragraphs that you needed to fix to make the lines readable then this is the tool for you.

You just copy and paste your text into the box below and it will transform your text by adding additional line breaks. It finds a single newline and transforms that single newline into a properly spaced paragraph.

So if you've ever copy and pasted some content from a word doc into your email software, blog post, or wherever and it messed up the paragraphs in your content - you can use this tool to quickly fix that text.

Also if you have a big block of text with absolutely no line breaks in the content at all, this can be automatically corrected. This add line break tool will figure out what the sentences are in your text and add a paragraph space after every sentence in your content making the information a lot easier to work with.

Add Line Breaks Tool

Paste your text in the box below and then click the Add Line Breaks button.
The new text will appear in the box below the button.

Convert line breaks to paragraph breaks
(for text containing single line breaks)

Add a paragraph break after sentences
(for text with absolutely no line breaks)

Text with Newly Added Line Breaks

Copy your new text with newly added line breaks from the box below.

How Does this Add Line Breaks Tool Work?

This tool takes broken text (text without proper paragraph breaks) and tries to format that text into something a bit more readable and usable in general by fixing the line break situation.

There are two type of text problems that this tool will fix automatically by adding line breaks in the hopefully correct spots.

Change Line Breaks into Paragraphs

The first type is where your text has a single line break between each would-be paragraph and you need to change those into double line breaks so that that each paragraph now has the proper spacing.

This often happens, for instance, when you copy and paste from a word doc into something else like a blog post or an email. This tool is great for fixing that type of problem in text with single newlines.

Add Paragraph Breaks to a Single Block of Text

The second type of problem is when you have a piece of content that has no line breaks in it at all and you need to make the text content better.

All the paragraphs are scrunched up together into one big block of text and you need to somehow add paragraphs breaks between the sentences.

This tool will look at your long string of text and try to figure out where sentences end and add paragraph spacing between your sentences when it finds them. It looks for periods, exclamation marks, and questions marks to figure out where the sentences end and then fixes them by instantly adding line breaks to the text.

If you've ever had to manually add line breaks to text to create paragraphs then this online tool will be an awesome time-saver for you.


Language Versions

Add Line Breaks Online is also available in German (Zeilenumbrüche mit diesem kostenlosen Tool online hinzufügen), French (Ajoute de Sauts de ligne pour le Texte) and Spanish (Añadir Saltos de Línea a texto en línea).

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