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Paragraph to Single Line Converter

With this paragraph converter tool, you can convert any multi-line text content (text or code) into a single line with no line breaks at all.

This single line converter tool strips all the line breaks from your lines of text content, instantly transforming the big chunk of text or lines of code into a single continuous line that you can easily copy and paste.

It also checks to see if it needs to add a white space at the end of lines to prevent words from jamming together before the paragraphs have been transformed into a single line of text.

Paragraph to Line Tool

What is the Paragraph to Line Converter Used For?

This is a great tool for things like lines of code (Python, Javascript, etc) that you want to compact into a single line or strangely formatted text from emails, PDFs, or word docs that you need to convert into a single line - into a clean usable continuous format.

It’s ideal for these types of situations where hard to deal with text has to be converted and conformed into something better to use very quickly. Use this online paragraph converter instead of doing it manually.

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Language Versions

Paragraph to Line Converter is also available in German (Absatz-zu-Zeile-Converter), French (Convertisseur de paragraphes en lignes unique) and Spanish (Convertidor de línea de párrafo).

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