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Empty Line Remover - Quickly Remove Empty Lines

Use this free tool to remove empty lines from text. Lines that are empty or contain some white space, including tabs, will be automatically removed.

This line remover works right in your browser so any text file over 5mb size may not work, depending on your browser and the power of your device. In other words, I wouldn’t try processing gigantic log files with this tool.

Other than that size restriction, the empty line remover works very well and quickly at removing empty line breaks from text.

Remove Empty Lines

New Text without Empty Lines

Removing Blank Lines From a Word Document

To remove empty lines in Microsoft Word you need to click the Replace button on the Home menu and fill in the two fields to replace ^p^p with ^p. The "^p" represents a line break in Word.

For a more details, with screenshots and additional information, check out the tutorial on HowToGeek.com.

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