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Remove Numbers from Text (Delete All Numbers)

Use this free tool to remove numbers from text online. It will go through whatever text you enter and remove all the digits from 0-9 automatically.

This tool will also remove fractional numbers with periods in the middle of them such as 7.5 or 1.44 for example. Floating-point numbers like these will be deleted from the text. And it will strip numbers at the beginning of numbered lines that start with a number followed by a period.

Remove Numbers Tool

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How Do I Remove Numbers from Text?

Follow these easy steps to remove all numbers from your text.

  1. Paste your text into the box below.
  2. Click on the Remove Numbers button.
  3. Choose the copy to clipboard to get your now numberless text.

How Do I Remove Numbers from Text in Excel?

If you're looking to remove numbers from an Excel spreadsheet, then go to this website and check out their excellent tutorial on removing numbers from Excel.

Feedback on Delete All Numbers Tool

This is a fairly new tool and I think it does a great job at removing numbers from all the lines of your data but if find that you need an additional feature, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do.

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