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Remove Spaces Online from Text - Delete Blank Space

Use this free tool to remove extra spaces or tab spaces from your text content. It replaces multiple spaces in your text with a single whitespace.

It can also delete all tab spaces if you need that option instead of replacing them with a single space by default. This tool will trim all unnecesary whitespace from your content.

Paste your text in the box below and then click the button to replace spaces. The new text will appear in the box at the bottom of the page.

New Text with Deleted Whitespace

Download New Text

Revisions to the Spaces Remover Tool

This tool can now download your newly cleaned text as a text file. You can still, of course, copy the results from this tool for pasting elsewhere. It's a small change but it makes this a better online tool to remove whitespace. Great for this type of common formatting problem.

That's about it, this basic tool is pretty straightforward to use. It's a great converter for removing spaces from text content and replacing those with a single whitespace. It's pretty handy when trying to transform some badly formatted text into something a little bit more readable.

I have other online tools you might like such as this one to remove line breaks.

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Language Versions

Remove Spaces Online is also available in German (Doppelte Leerzeichen entfernen), French (Outil de suppression d’espace insécable supplémentaire) and Spanish (Eliminar espacios en blanco adicionales).

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