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Remove Extra Whitespace Tool


You can get rid of extra whitespace and remove tab spaces from text with this tool.

This tool finds multiple whitespaces and replaces them with a single whitespace.

It can also delete all tab spaces if you need that option or it'll replace them with a single space.

Whitespace Characters

That's about it, this tool is pretty straightforward to use - you can remove multiple whitespace characters and preserve a single whitespace in text. And pretty handy when trying to transform some badly formatted text into a nice clean web page.

Remove Extra Whitespace or Tabs

Paste your text in the box below and then click the button to trim whitespace characters.

The new text will appear in the box at the bottom of the page.

Replace whitespaces with a single space but delete all tabs

Replace both multiple whitespaces and tabs with a single space

New Text without Extra Whitespace

Copy your new text from the box below.


Language Versions

Remove Extra Whitespace Tool is also available in German (Doppelte Leerzeichen entfernen), French (Outil de suppression d’espace insécable supplémentaire) and Spanish (Eliminar espacios en blanco adicionales).

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