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Quickly find out the number of characters in any text using this character counter online tool.

Most any type of text can be entered into this free tool. The character counter can use lots of formats, pretty much anything from a single string of text content to much longer multi-line paragraphs and it will automatically generate the correct character count for your text.

Character Counter with Spaces

By default the tool will count all characters including the spaces between letters and punctuation but those types of things can be excluded from the total character count if you need a number result that excludes them from the total.

Just check the options below the form to remove spaces or punctuation from the final character count.

Character Counter Tool

The results will appear here.

Tools Related to the Character Counter

If you found this online character counter fairly useful, then you might like to check out my sentence counter for counting sentences and words for short or very long text content.

Also the tool for converting text to html can be pretty darn handy. It will convert your plain text content to HTML coded paragraphs automatically.

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