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Tiny Text Generator - Create Little Text

This small text generator is great for social media posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or sending in a text message to friends. Instantly convert regular text letters to tiny text.

This tool uses real Unicode characters as substitutes for your letters so you can post the newly generated smaller text wherever you want. Shrinking the font size down wouldn't work for posting small text to social media.

This tiny tool also has an option for text where all the words are in small uppercase capitals.

Copy and paste the tiny text for use on social media accounts, in text messages or wherever the fun is.

Generate Small Text

Little Text Generator Revisions

I made some small revisions to this little text generator. You can now automatically convert the case and font of your text to tiny letters in all capitals.

Feel free to contact me, if you want any additional features added to this tiny text generator.

How to Make Tiny Font Letters for Posting

This tool simply converts normal text for certain superscript letters - characters most commonly used in math notation. This substitution achieves the appearance of smaller text.

An example of how this tiny font works is that it will exchange the letter "a" for "ᵃ".

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