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Convert Email to HTML | Instantly Generate HTML

This tool will quickly convert email to HTML code. The email can be from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or wherever.

It preserves all the formatting code like bold text, links, and, etc. - as well as outputting the basic HTML structure of the email.

This converter preserves image tags but the location of the images will refer to the email server so you might want to change that depending on your circumstances.

If you're just looking to convert plain text to HTML code then check out this text to HTML tool instead.

Email Format to HTML Converter

Copy your email and paste the text of your EMAIL into the box below. Clicking the button converts the email's contents into HTML code.

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Get Ideas Using Random Words

Convert Word to HTML: free online tool to convert a word doc to clean HTML code.


Changes to the Email Convert to HTML File Generator

I revised this email conversion tool a bit and made the following changes.

Sometimes the HTML from the email may not be completely valid because a tag is not closed. In those instances, you can verify the converted results by using the W3C HTML Validator.

PS. If you're using a very old version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, pasting the contents of your mail into the conversion window can cause a yellow bar to appear at the top of your browser software. Just ignore it, you don't need to install anything to convert the mail to HTML and make this tool work.

PPS. I also have another free tool that will convert Word to HTML - this is a good tool for those occasions when you're working from a word doc that you need to publish online.

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