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Use this free HTML text generator tool to instantly generate plain text or readable HTML-coded text for use in your online wireframes or web page mock-ups. You also have the option of generating Ipsum Lorem text without the HTML mark-up if you need fake text for Photoshop files, Illustrator, or similar programs.

Use this HTML text code generator and you'll never have to tell another client exactly what Ipsum Lorem text is because this tool generates dummy content for your mock-ups in readable English.

But it can also generate Ipsum Lorem text if you're into that fake latin text kind of thing.

You can choose to create whole web page dummy text content from a selection of standard word count sizes to approximate different page sizes or needs.

It will generate headline tags on your dummy text if you're looking for dummy text that's a little bit more semantically in spirit with standard web page content.

All in all it's a very easy to use online tool for generating HTML text.

It's a pretty new tool on the website so if you have any ideas on features to add to the HTML text code generator then please send me an email.

Generate HTML Text

Choose your options and click the Generate HTML Text button

Fake Latin  OR  Techno Speak

Generate a size chunk of HTML coded text

Add HTML formatting Include HTML header tags

HTML Text Generator for Wireframes or Mock-ups

I also have another HTML text tool that can be used for your online mock-ups. If a client or someone else from your company has given you regular text content then that too can be easily turned into html formatted paragraphs using another tool on this site.

Just head on over to here to convert text paragraphs into HTML paragraph code.

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