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Use this tool to instantly generate HTML text for use in your online wireframes or web page mock-ups. You also have the option of generating text without the HTML mark-up if you need fake text for photoshop files or similar.

You can choose from a fake latin or a tech type text if you prefer something a little more literal in your mock-ups.

You can also choose to create whole web page text content in different sizes which is good for seeing how your potential page layouts work with different content sizes. These options are keyed into word count sizes to simulate typical web page sizes and can use HTML headers to give an even better approximation of a real web page.

All in all it's a very easy to use online tool for generating HTML text.

It's a pretty new tool on the website so if you have any ideas on features to add to the HTML text generator then please send me an email.

Generate HTML Text

Choose your options and click the Generate HTML Text button

Fake Latin  OR  Techno Speak

Generate a size chunk of HTML coded text

Add HTML formatting Include HTML header tags

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