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Text Fixer is run by Scott (that's me) and has been helping people do stuff online since 2007 and consequently this site is invaluable to over 37 and a half people... just kidding... we actually get hundreds of thousand of visits a month around these parts and many of you guys are pretty grateful and send me nice emails like the following...

"Thanks a lot for the good work that you are doing and that it's free."

"Wow really love the HTML converter from Word."

"Well done for making a tool that is free and that does what it says! Thank you!"

I don't reply to a lot of my emails because well I'm just like that. It's not you... it's me.

I am a little time strapped so I can't answer all the emails you send but thank you for sending these emails and please tell your friends about the site.

How It All Started

I've been making a living as a web professional for over a decade now and a while ago I got content in PDFs for a website. The PDFs were in narrow columns with line breaks at the end of each line so I had to manually remove each line break in order to enter the content into our content management system. Which as you can imagine was really annoying time consuming work to do.

After working on about 3 of these PDFs I decided to make a line break removal tool with javascript which made the task really quick and not annoying at all.

I told my friend who's also a web publisher about it and he said that he occasionally gets content for websites in email and that he could use a tool like that. I didn't think much about it but I told him where he could find the tool and about a week later he told me that he used the tool and it was a real time saver.

Click. A flashbulb went off in my head. There might be a need for tools that do basic text changing or code generating tasks like converting Microsoft Word to HTML.

Not a grand need like the need for a beer that always stays cold but still there are people like myself who would find stuff like this very useful in their day to day tasks. Hopefully you're one of those people.

- Scott

PS. I've been writing over on the new site. If you get a chance, go check out my article on Unusual Festivals Around the World.

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About This Website is also available in German (Über diese Webseite), French (A propos de ce site) and Spanish (Sobre este sitio web).

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