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Convert Word Doc to Text File

Use this free online tool to convert Microsoft Word documents to plain text files. It extracts all text content from a word doc into a downloadable text file.

This tool produces very clean content from simple word docs by preserving paragraph line breaks for legibility. More complicated documents with tables, etc will not be as readable in plain text as there is no table structure in the .txt file format.

Word Doc to Text Tool

Follow these three easy steps to convert your Word doc to a plain txt file.

Step 1: Select a Word document (docx files only).


Step 2: Start the text conversion process.


Step 3: Download text file or copy text to the clipboard.

Download Text File or 

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About the Word to Text Converter

This tool uses paragraph line breaks to produce fairly readable text files. But in case this is important to you, it also renders all lists as bulleted lists. Hopefully, that's not a bummer.

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