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Common English Words List


On this page you'll find a downloadable list of common english words that I created that are free for you to use.

I had this briliant concept that needed a tag style search engine. Only the idea wasn't brilliant so now I just have a list of common english words. Basically a list of Stop Words.

Most Common Words in English

I created the list by analyzing a whole bunch of online news articles using a php script I wrote. This allowed me to quickly generate a pretty good list of the most commonly used words in the eglish vocabulary.

I'm sure there's a few words that you'll want to add to the list but it should be a pretty good starting point if you need a stop words list.

The contractions list contains some words that aren't, strictly speaking, contractions and some very archaic text contractions which you might want to edit out depending on your purposes.

If you use any of the downloads, it would be nice if you could provide a link back to this site. But I'm not going to insist on it since I'm not that pushy and you never listen to me anyways ;)

Common English Words

Here's a list of a 186 of the most commonly used words in every day english vocabulary.

'tis, 'twas, a, able, about, across, after, ain't, all, almost, also, am, among, an, and, any, are, aren't, as, at, be, because, been, but, by, can, can't, cannot, could, could've, couldn't, dear, did, didn't, do, does, doesn't, don't, either, else, ever, every, for, from, get, got, had, has, hasn't, have, he, he'd, he'll, he's, her, hers, him, his, how, how'd, how'll, how's, however, i, i'd, i'll, i'm, i've, if, in, into, is, isn't, it, it's, its, just, least, let, like, likely, may, me, might, might've, mightn't, most, must, must've, mustn't, my, neither, no, nor, not, of, off, often, on, only, or, other, our, own, rather, said, say, says, shan't, she, she'd, she'll, she's, should, should've, shouldn't, since, so, some, than, that, that'll, that's, the, their, them, then, there, there's, these, they, they'd, they'll, they're, they've, this, tis, to, too, twas, us, wants, was, wasn't, we, we'd, we'll, we're, were, weren't, what, what'd, what's, when, when, when'd, when'll, when's, where, where'd, where'll, where's, which, while, who, who'd, who'll, who's, whom, why, why'd, why'll, why's, will, with, won't, would, would've, wouldn't, yet, you, you'd, you'll, you're, you've, your

Downloadable files for these english word llists are available from the bulleted list below.

Download Stop Word Lists

I also have a seperate page that has a just english contractions list.

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