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Replace Text Online (Find and Replace Tool)

Use this free tool to find and replace text. Enter any string of text and instantly replace it with another string of text in your content. You can now copy the results to your clipboard or download them as a text file.

Aside from replacing any letters and words, it can also replace line breaks if the text formatting needs fixing. This text replacer will also automatically remove any duplicate or extra whitespaces in your text.

Check this page out, if you're looking to change all text to uppercase or lowercase

Text Replacer

Use the fields below to specify which text you want to find and replace.

Replace this text:

With this text:

Line Break Replacement Options

Click the button and the newly replaced text will appear in the box at the bottom of the page.

New Replaced Text

Download Text File

How Do I Replace Text in Word Online?

This tool works with plain text, but if you need to replace text directly in a Microsoft Word doc then check out this Find and Replace Tutorial on Microsoft.com.

Replace Text Tool Revisions

This is a very new online text tool. I added the ability to replace line breaks in your text alongside the regular text replacements you might need to do.

You can also download your new replace text as a text file. If I think of any more helpful features, I'll add them.

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