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Random Password Generator

Generate strong passwords for your online accounts using this free tool. Pick from three levels of security and then generate a good password for yourself.

Strong Password Protection

This tool is a safe, and secure password generator. None of the passwords are stored on the TextFixer server. The code that creates the password runs on your computer.

Don't forget to save your new password in your password manager or a to a post-it note or whatever you use as these passwords are not stored for later retrieval.

Copy them right now if you want to use one of these generated passwords at a later date.

(8 characters long including a number, a special character and an uppercase letter)

(12 characters long with multiple numbers, special characters and uppercase letters)

(20 characters long with multiple numbers, special characters and uppercase letters)

Some Notes on this Password Tool

I have removed a few characters such as 1,i,o,0 and etc which often cause legibility problems for some users. If you miss these then feel free to sprinkle them in manually but don't curse me when you can't manage to figure out how to type your password.

If enough people like this tool then I'll expand it so it handles more enterprise level type of functionality like the ability to create a multiple batch of password credentials.

Anyways, I hope you find it useful in its present simple state.

Other Online Random Generators

Here are some other free random generators that you can might want to check out.

Language Versions

Random Password Generator is also available in German (Zufalls-Passwortgenerator), French (Générateur de Mots de passe Aléatoires) and Spanish (Generador de Contraseñas Aleatorio).

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