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Unscramble Letters to Make Words

This free online tool will unscramble letters to make words. It uses an English dictionary of around 67 thousand words (including plurals) to find matches for your mixed-up letters.

It can take many combination of letters and find the unscrambled words in the characters.

For anyone trying to solve some sort of scrambled word puzzle or game, you will find that this tool will be a great little cheat to help you to unlock the hidden words much quicker.

So if you're looking for an online word unscrambler then you've definitely come to the right place.

NOTE: If you’re using this for games like Scrabble, some of the results will may not be suitable as they could contain proper nouns, abbreviations, and etc which might not be allowed in the game you’re playing.

Word Unscrambler

Word Unscrambler

I had a real fun time figuring out how to unscramble letters to make words through the making of this tool so if you think of any improvements or additional features I could add to this word tool then feel free to tell me about it.

PS. If you're building an app that requires an extensive list of English words that you might want to check out the Scowl dictionaries on Aspell.

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