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Convert Word to HTML - Word Doc to Clean HTML Converter

Use this free online tool to convert Microsoft Word documents to HTML code. It extracts all text content from a word doc into downloadable and clean HTML.

By default, it produces very tidy HTML code from a word doc. This clean HTML option is probably the best format option for most people. It produces classless elements in a clear, readable format.

However, there are a few things to note. The HTML code will have empty image src tags so you'll have to reference your online images for those to work, and it's generally not good with HTML lists.

Other than that, it works pretty well and is super handy if you're looking for a quick conversion from a word doc into a usable HTML format.

Note: here's the old version of Word to HTML if you need to use it.

Word Doc to Clean HTML Converter

Follow these four easy steps for conversion from a Word doc to an HTML file.

Step 1. Select a Word document (docx files only).


Step 2. Choose what kind of HTML code you want.

Step 3. Start the HTML conversion process.


Step 4. Download HTML file or copy HTML code to the clipboard.

Download HTML File or 

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Convert Word to HTML: free online tool to convert a word doc to clean HTML code.


Convert Word to HTML File Revisions

This free tool has been recently revised to use word document uploads instead of using a manual process like the old Word to HTML version of this converter.

With a click of a button, you can now automatically save the document conversion results as a downloadable HTML page. This tool makes it easy to instantly start the Word document conversion process without having to paste text from the document into a form.

Previous Convert Word Tool

The original version of this Word to HTML converter relied on copying and pasting the content from an open Word doc which was a clunkier process. This new version allows direct Word document uploads and outputs HTML files or copyable clean code making for a far better process.

I hope you enjoy this newly revised word to HTML converter. It really is much better now at the conversion of most Word documents. Now you can be converting word files anyti\me you want without having to subscribe to some kind of online conversion service.

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