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Title Capitalization Tool for Post Titles and Headlines


This online title capitalization tool can be used to change the titles of your blog posts or the headlines for news articles into the correct title case.

It uses title case to produce the newly converted title. Title case is the most popular format for titles.

In title case, the first word and the last word are always capitalized and all other words are capitalized except for the ones that are articles, conjunctions, or prepositions. I have more information on title case below the tool if you’re interested.

I also have a tool that does capitalization for sentences – it's great for longer text that is wrongly capitalized. It's especially ideal for correcting all caps text or similar.

Title Capitalization Tool

Paste your title text in the box below and then click the Capitalize Title button.
The newly corrected title will appear in the same box.

The Rules of Title Case for All Your Titles

For the most part the rules of capitalization of titles are pretty simple. For title case the first and last words have to be capitalized along with every other word that isn’t an article, a conjunction, or a preposition.

Determining what an article is in the English language is pretty simple. It’s three words; a, an, the.

The conjunction list is slightly longer at basically seven words; and, but, for, nor, or, so, yet.

Prepositions are the problem. They are the area where most people get confused.

Prepositions are words like as, by, for, from, in, and etc. I use the hundred most common prepositions for this title tool so that should automatically take care of the vast majority of prepositions in your blog posts or news titles.

The Rules for Sentence Case

Unless you’re writing for an academic journal or a large newspaper where very specific headline styles like APA or Chicago Manual are used, the other popular option for capitalizing titles is called sentence case.

Sentence case is as simple as its name sounds. You just have to follow the rules you would use when writing a sentence. Capitalize the first word and capitalize any words that happen to be proper nouns. Proper noun are things like days of the week, country, events, and so on. Here are some examples of words that should be capitalized; Friday, America, Oktoberfest.

Questions about the Title Capitalization Tool?

This title capitalization tool is a fairly new addition to the website and I think it works pretty well but if you spot any problems with it then please send me an email with details about any capitalization problems you might’ve encountered using this little app.


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