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You can easily fix text formatting issues with these free tools. Everything from line breaks to letter case problems can be corrected using the tools below.

Online Tools for Text Formatting

Hopefully one of the tools listed below solves your text problems. If I'm missing anything that you need, feel free to send me a suggestion for a new tool using the contact form.

Fix Letter Case Problems

Make Uppercase or Lowercase: you can use this tool to convert your text to all uppercase characters or all lowercase characters.

Capitalize Sentences: if you ever have a bunch of paragraphs where none of the sentences start with a capital letter then this tool will solve that kind of format problem immediately. This can come in real handy when you've accidentally left the caps lock button on.

Capitalize Each Word: Take a string, some paragraphs, a list, or most any text format and capitalize the first letter of each word in that content.

Fix Line Break Text Problems

Remove Line Breaks: this is a very popular tool. It can easily remove line breaks from any text you want. It's good to use in those situations where you have content with lots of empty line breaks that you don't want to have to manually remove.

Add Line Breaks: this tool works for fixing formatting problems in two situations. One situation is where you have content on many lines but there is no paragraph break between them. This tool will automatically make this better.

If you paste from Microsoft Word to some online places like email, etc then this tool will be very helpful to you.

The second situation where this is useful is when your content is all on one line with absolutely no line breaks in the text. This tool will detect sentences and insert line breaks to make your content much more usable and readable. It's a great tool if you have to deal with compressed scrunched-up text.

Fix Text with Extra Spaces

Remove Spaces Online: this tool will remove extra spaces from your text. For instance, if you have multiple whitespaces in between words then it would instantly convert those into a single space. It can also remove tab spaces or convert those tabs to a single space, making the formatting pristine once again.

Fix HTML Text Problems

Remove HTML Tags: if you have text content with a whole bunch of HTML tags in it then this is the tool for you. It will instantly remove all the HTML code leaving just the text content.

Fix Special Character Problems

Replace Smart Quotes Online: a very simple tool to replace smart quotes from Microsoft word with straight quotes. Good for content you want to post online.

HTML Character Encoder: encode text with accents and special characters into HTML character entities for use in a web page.

Fix Text Length Problems

These tools count the length of your content. Telling you the total count and allowing you to make adjustments based on those numbers.

Sentence Counter: This is pretty straightforward. It will count the number of sentences in any content you enter into the tool.

Word Counter: This counts the number of words in your text. Again, it's a pretty straightforward type of content checker kind of thing.

Letter Counter: It counts the number of characters in any string of text that you enter.

Text Formatting Online

That's it for now but the website keeps on expanding with new tools. I hope you find these tools helpful in fixing your text formatting problems online.

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