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This online tool will replace smart quotes with straight quotes. It's a great tool for making Word document content usable for blogs or other websites.

It also replaces single 'smart' quotes which often show up as the 'smart' version of an apostrophe. Optionally, you can also encode double quotation marks as their HTML character equivalent if necessary.

Paste your text in the box below and click the Replace Smart Quotes button.

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Quote Tool Revisions

I added the option to convert your double quotation marks as the HTML character. If you're interested in publishing web content from a Word document then check out our free Word to HTML tool. It's a pretty handy conversion tool for these types of publishing situations.

Should I Use Straight Quotes or Smart Quotes?

I have never in my years of corporate work been asked to produce Word Documents without smart quotes. It doesn't matter in this context. The job of replacing smart quotes with straight quotes in Word is pretty easy. You can also turn smart quotes off in the "AutoCorrect Options" section.

However, smart quotes are not so fondly overlooked in the web publishing world. In most instances, the content management systems will handle those types of quote conversions but I have used a CMS or two that did not do the required replacements.

Smart Quotes tend to cause minimal trouble if they make it into the system but generally, you should aim to have a unified typographic system on your website. And so, seeing a smart quote alongside a straight quote is an inconsistency that does not look good for your brand.

Plus there are no major benefits to using smart quotes. In a web publishing atmosphere, straight quotes are the standard. The only occasion where they were somewhat warranted was in the use of a large hero-type banner where it can be argued they provided some visual flair to the space.

But mostly, the smart quote shouldn't appear on the web. Ever. ☺

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