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Binary to Decimal

Convert binary to decimal using the tool below. If you want to do the reverse then check out Convert Decimal to Binary.

This bin to dec tool can convert a single binary number like "1101101" to a regular base ten number and it can also convert batches of multiple binary numbers which is handy if you need to quickly do the conversion for a whole bunch of binary numbers.

To do a batch conversion, you need to have a new number on each line and these numbers will be converted to regular decimal base ten numbers in the bottom box once you click the conversion button.

The computation for this binary converter is governed by the capacity of whatever device you're using but in most cases it should be handle fairly large batches of binary numbers if required.

Your Decimal Number Results

About Binary Number Systems

A binary number system is comprised of combinations of 0 and 1. This base-2 system is used internally by most modern computers or similar devices. A bit is the basic unit of information in computing where the bit is either a zero or a one.

The encoding of data in a bit can be traced back to early computing devices that used punch cards as well as in other 19th century contrivances such as the teletype machine. Communication systems like morse code also use a binary base method to convey information.

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