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States in Alphabetical Order

On this page you’ll find a list of all American states in alphabetical order. The alphabetized list of states is presented in several different formats to give you a choice of what formatted order works best for you to use.

I have tried to provide a comprehensive list of all the United States in proper alphabetical order in a wide variety of ways that you might need. Let me know if anything’s missing.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find a download of all the formats for the alphabetized states in case that comes in handy.

50 States in Alphabetical Order

This is the list of states you probably need - this alphabetized list of states in the format that most people are looking for.

In this list, all 50 states are separated by a comma and a space. This list is ideal for use in writing articles or similar purposes. You can just copy and paste this information into whatever you need. Use the buttons at the bottom to change the capitalization of the states to suit your needs.

State List Format Options

First Letter Capitalized   ALL CAPITALS   no capitals

Each State Listed on a Separate Line

There may be some instances where you need a list of all the American states with one state on each separate line. If that’s the case that the copy the list below.

State Line Format Options

First Letter Capitalized   ALL CAPITALS   no capitals

Spreadsheet of 50 States in Alphabetical Order

Here you have two downloadable spreadsheets of all 50 states in America. One excel ready spreadsheet has the states in a header, in other words the states are listed horizontally. The other spreadsheet has all 50 states listed vertically.

The spreadsheets are available in the excel format as well as the csv format which should be usable by just about any spreadsheet software program that you use. It can also be imported into a database or used in an array if you need this information for programming.

Download Alphabetized States Spreadsheet

File download a list of states in all alphabetical formats.

Here you can download a zip file of the alphabetized states for all the formats found on this page. This includes in text format for copy and paste and as well as a spreadsheet. Download all formats.

Online Tool for Alphabetizing Words

If you have some other list of words that you need to put in alphabetical order than you should use my free online alphabetical order tool to get that done in a quick way.

This alphabetizing app has some handy options like reverse alphabetical order or ascii order or choosing your own alphabetical separator for the information you want to sort. I hope this helps.

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