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Alphabetically sort lines of text online using this free tool. Your newly alphabetized results can be copied to your clipboard or downloaded as a text file.

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Another Alphabetically Sorting Tool

If you're looking for something a little more versatile to handle comma-separated words and a wider variety of text formats then check out the Alphabetical Order Tool.

Sort Lines Tool

This tool is specifically designed to go through text from a text file on a line-by-line basis and sort all the rows of information alphabetically. It can also automatically remove all duplicate lines so the sort order result is that every line in your text file is unique.

Types of Sorting

There are two major types of alphabetical sorting that this tool can apply to text. It can also do both of them in reverse order.

By default, it operates using "Standard Alphabetical Order" but there is also an Ascii sorting option. In this method, letters are sorted with the uppercase ones coming before the lowercase letters and numbers coming before both types of letters when sorted in a list.

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