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List of Countries

If you're looking for a country list with ISO codes for HTML dropdowns to quickly copy and paste into a website then you've come to the right place or if you're just looking for the basic all country list with corresponding ISO codes for other purposes, I have that also.

The list of countries for dropdowns either use the two digit ISO codes as the value that gets passed or the country name itself.

if you're using the dropdown for a high falutin' corporate website you might want to refer to the ISO site for the latest official country data.

Also I haven't deleted any countries from the list so the issue of embargoed countries may be important to you. Who knows?

ISO List of Countries

Here's a list of all the countries and their 2 digit ISO codes. All countries and corresponding ISO code are on their own line with the values seperated by a colon (not comma separated as some countries have commas in their country's name).

Country Dropdown HTML Downloads

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