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Plural Noun Generator Tool


Are you having trouble figuring out the plural for a noun then enter the word into the plural noun generator below to receive an answer from hundreds of plurals for common nouns in American English.

In case where it doesn’t have an answer then I would recommend you look it up on Merriam Webster or Dictionary.com or your favorite search engine.

You can also download a list of 700 nouns and their plurals for future reference.

Make Nouns Plural

Paste your singular noun in the box below and then click the Make Plural button.
The newly pluralized noun will appear in the same box.

How Do You Make Nouns Plural?

For those of you who might be interested, I've written a sort of entertaining and comprehensive guide to the rules for plurals in American English.

Go check it out if that sounds like something you might be looking for.


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